Prevent cyber attacks with these 5 safeguards

Law firms are being targeted by cyber criminals but you can prevent most cyber attacks with these 5 safeguards. While most law firms have some level of protections we have seen that many small to mid-sized firms don’t have all of these in place.

These 5 are safeguards are relatively inexpensive and easy and will prevent a large percentage of cyber attacks happening to law firms today.

Look over the list and share it with your IT team. Then get to work protecting your business.

How to prevent cyber attacks on a law firm:

  1. Multi-factor Authentication or Two-factor Authentication (MFA/2FA) protection on all remote access to your network
    1. including any remote desktop protocol (remote access to virtual desktops)
    2. email server,
    3. cloud services
    4. data backup solution.
  2. MFA/2FA protection on all network administrator accounts and any other user accounts with elevated permissions
  3. A robust backup solution that is either disconnected (“air-gapped”) from your network or segregated from your network with multi-factor authentication access control.
    1. Backups should be tested frequently and, ideally, be capable of restoring essential functions within 24 hours in the event of a wide-spread ransomware attack across your network.
  4. Next-Generation Anti-virus (NGAV) protection, including automated Endpoint Detection & Response functionality, on all endpoints.
    1. All detected endpoint activity should be monitored & investigated 24/7/365
  5. An Email Filtering solution that pre-screens emails for potentially malicious attachments and links. If using Office 365, we strongly recommend enabling the Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection addon.

If you don’t yet have cyber insurance contact us for a quote.

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